Using AirPlay Disables Your Network Unless …

This is weird. I wanted to use AirPlay to send web pages and videos from my MacBook Air to my Apple TV. As soon as I did that, my network connection on the Mac failed completely. The AirPlay connection continued to work wirelessly. This was completely repeatable and reversable. AirPlay on — network down. AirPlay off — network works fine.

After a good bit of poking around in the Apple support forums I found that this only happens if… Bluetooth is enabled on the Mac. Disable Bluetooth, and maybe log out, and now AirPlay works without killing your network connectivity.

This kind of random weirdness is the exact opposite of the “It just works” that Apple fans hope for from Apple gear.

How To Replace Your PC

If you know a non-technical person who needs some straight-forward advice about getting a new computer or tablet, send them to .

The site’s recommendations are primarily intended to help home users avoid malware and security problems. There’s a good chance that one reason the old computer is being replaced is that it is infested with malware.

The site is run by Neil Hutton, whose day job is cleaning viruses off user’s machines. With this experience he unsurprisingly gives high marks for security to iOS and Macintosh, and Windows is in the “just put a target on your back” category.

No tech jargon here. This is a site you can send your mom to. Enjoy.