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Program Meetings

Our main monthly program meeting, the more formal of our two meetings, is held on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30.

The next meeting will be at One Senior Place. This nice facility is located off of Murrell Road, near the Wickham Road / I-95 Interchange (Exit 191).

Use caution entering One Senior place! There is a manhole in the entry drive which is dangerously above grade. It presents a serious hazard to any vehicle with low ground clearance including sports cars and wheelchair vans.

One Senior Place
8085 Spyglass Hill Road
Melbourne, FL 32940

This meeting will feature presentations on various topics of interest to all of our Macintosh enthusiasts and usually includes a guest speaker with a presentation, and often a hardware or software demo.

After each meeting we all go out to dinner together (sometimes referred to as The Meeting After the Meeting). The quieter, less crowded setting allows for easier discussion, with no computers to distract us. Many of the real club decisions happen at this meeting. Please come and join us. All are welcome!

MacMAD meetings are open to everyone from novice to pro. Visitors and MacMAD members alike are welcome to attend.

We found a great meeting venu at One Senior Place, but we are by no means a "senior" group. All ages are welcome.


Last Meeting

Notepad and other free Apps

Upcoming General Meetings

Tuesday - June 20, 2017
2-Factor Authentication & Our Favorite Apps & AirPods Raffle

Tuesday - July 18, 2017
Summer Help Session Q&A

Tuesday - August 15, 2017
Summer Help Session Q&A


Would you like to present? Help with something else? Please contribute in any area. We're always looking for interesting presentations, and help with membership recruiting and management.

 All MacMAD meetings are free and open to the public. We usually go out to eat after the meetings. Guests are welcome at these dinners.

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